Other Writing

WHOSE LIFE IS THIS ANYWAY? (With three others): Book for social work students about the challenges facing teachers, children, and parents as their children in special education transition to post-high-school programs. Publication expected in mid-2005.

COMPASS: Coordinated Marine Programs to Assess and Sustain the Seas: Edited and wrote all printed materials (as well as inventing the acronym itself) for the major Sea Grant presentation to White House scientists, June 1999.

A Guide to Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands Plants: Wrote text for marine scientist Walter Hoagman, PhD., June 1998. (100+ pp.)

UPWELLINGS: SINK OR SWIM?”: Report on reader survey for upwellings, newsletter of the Michigan Sea Grant College Program (an agency of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Winter 1998. Also: articles on MarinaNet (online marina operators’ site), CoastWatch (online water temperature maps), and a poll of Michigan sportanglers (aka “fishermen”).

“HUMANKIND STRIKES BACK!:Scientists Take Aim at Alien Invaders!“: Investigative report on Great Lakes ballast water contaminants, upwellings, July 1997. Also for this issue: “HUMANKIND STRIKES BACK, PART II: Glutaraldehyde Second Line of Defense?” and “Mussel Memories.”

People and Projects, 1997-1998: Booklet (31 pp.) reporting on Sea Grant works-in-progress: “The Effects of Food Web Structure and Dynamics on Toxaphene Accumulation,”

“Risk Analysis of Commercial Fishing Vessels Operating on Extreme Seas,” “Ecological and Economic Impacts of Watershed Restoration on Salmonid Productivity in Lake Michigan Tributaries,” and the like, Spring 1997.

“Scientists Track Mysterious Lake Michigan Phenomenon” and “Moll Takes Michigan Sea Grant Helm”: upwellings, Winter 1997.

“Seminar for Would-Be Theatrical Costumers,” Lansing Civic Players, Lansing, Michigan, April 1997.

The Death of a Bossy Lady (1997): Full-length murder mystery (188 pp.).

¡Ecuador! (1996): Full-length literary novel (368 pp.).

“Someone’s in the Kitchen with Muskrat”: Article on Michigan indigenous cuisine, Michigan Monthly Magazine, January/February 1996.

Speeches and miscellany (1992-1995): Over 200 speeches, letters, book introductions, and bits and pieces for Connie Binsfeld, Lieutenant Governor of Michigan.

“Think Hockey Takes Guts? Try Fabric Hunting!”: Essay, Quilting Today International Magazine, February 1993.

Mason Board of Education Policy Handbook (1989-1991): Chaired Policy Revision Committee; rewrote greater part of handbook and edited it in its entirety (±100 pp.).

Radio Commentaries (Feb. 1980 – Oct. 1985): 138 humorous radio commentaries for WKAR-Radio, East Lansing, Michigan, and NPR’s “All Things Considered.”

Kiddin’ Around (April 1980 – 1983, inclusive): Co-founded the Boxcar Players, and co-authored, produced, directed, and performed four seasons of imaginative plays for young children; staged in Mason, East Lansing, Lansing, and other Michigan locales.

The Log of Captain Stamford Spenser-Drew (1968): Winner, first prize, Poetry Division, Hopwood Contest, University of Michigan. Unpublished.

Miscellaneous poems, plays, book reviews, speeches, and essays.